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The United States Football League (USFL) was a professional American football league that played for three seasons, 1983 through 1985. However, the league is no longer in operation and therefore, there are no USFL games being played.The USFL was created as a spring football league, with the intention of filling the void left by the National Football League (NFL) during the months of March through June. The league was founded by David Dixon, a New Orleans businessman who envisioned a league that would showcase the talents of up-and-coming players and coaches and provide an alternative to the NFL.The USFL began play in 1983 with 12 teams, with most of the teams located in the southern and western United States. The league was known for its innovative rules, including a 35-second play clock, which was five seconds shorter than the NFL's. The league also featured a unique instant replay system, which allowed coaches to challenge officials' calls on the field.During its three-year run, the USFL had a number of notable players and coaches, including Hall of Famers such as Steve Young, Reggie White, Jim Kelly, and Herschel Walker. The league also had a number of successful teams, including the Baltimore Stars, the Birmingham Stallions, and the Philadelphia Stars.Unfortunately, the USFL struggled financially and was never able to achieve the level of success that its founders had hoped for. The league suspended operations after the 1985 season and never returned. In recent years, there have been some attempts to revive the USFL, but they have not yet been successful.In conclusion, the USFL was a professional American football league that played for three seasons, 1983 through 1985, but it is no longer in operation, so there are no USFL games being played currently. Despite the short-lived nature of the league, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many football fans who remember its exciting brand of football and its innovative rules.