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The Bachelor is a popular reality TV show that has been airing on ABC since 2002. The show follows a single bachelor as he goes on a journey to find love and ultimately propose to the woman of his dreams. Over the years, the show has produced numerous successful relationships and even a few marriages. But what happens to the contestants and the Bachelor himself after the show ends?Many of the contestants go on to pursue careers in the entertainment industry. Some have become reality TV stars in their own right, appearing on shows such as Bachelor in Paradise, Dancing with the Stars, and even The Bachelorette. Others have become influencers on social media, using their newfound fame to promote products and brands.As for the Bachelor himself, many have gone on to lead successful careers in various fields. Some have continued to work in the entertainment industry, while others have gone into business or become entrepreneurs. A few have even started families and settled down into more traditional roles.One of the most well-known Bachelors is Sean Lowe, who appeared on the 17th season of the show. He went on to compete on Dancing with the Stars and has since become a successful entrepreneur, author and public speaker. He is also happily married to his winner from the show and the couple has two children.Another example is Ben Higgins, who appeared on the 20th season of the show. After the show ended, Ben started a podcast called 'The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast' where he discusses the show and his personal life. He also hosts a show on the iHeartRadio network, and is a public speaker. He is also involved in a charity called Generous International.Overall, the contestants and the Bachelor himself have a variety of paths after the show ends. Some pursue careers in the entertainment industry, others become influencers and entrepreneurs, and others settle into more traditional roles. The Bachelor has been a launching pad for many successful careers, and it is interesting to see where the contestants and the Bachelor himself end up after the show.